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Every parent wishes to see their daughters dressed up as princesses and when their baby girls are born, they start buying and making beautiful baby frocks for them. They come in handy for some time until they become short as the baby grows up really fast. Therefore, the choice of dress for a baby girl is a very important step for the parents and they are really touchy about it. Therefore, many of the companies are working hand in hand to produce the world’s best dresses for the baby girls, which would add more beauty to their childhood.


Some of the world famous brands for kids that are worth mentioning are Mushrooms, Tu Tu Costumes, Jhalak, baby bubble, baby fox, Minnie minors etc. These brands offer quality baby frock design for the young girls that would in fact attract the parents, as these products are long lasting. Even if the baby girl grows up and they are no longer her size, they can be donated elsewhere. This creates a sense of responsibility among the citizens and promotes the culture of bondage between different sects of the society and this is very appreciable step.



Baby Planet is considered to be one of its kinds due to its uniqueness. It has so much to offer ain terms of Girls frock designs and people are obliged by our services. There is a wide variety of stylish frocks available on the online store for various occasions such as, Independence day, Eid day, shirts with quotations etc. These are available at only a price of Rs. 500 which is inclusive of all taxes.

These kids frocks can be safely delivered at the homes and might take 24 hours in their arrival if the order has been placed from the same city. It almost takes 7 days, if it is placed from somewhere else. The products are made up of good material and stuff and always satisfy the customers. The products we offer are also very famous ones and our services are very responsive and quick. 

If the order placed is above Rs. 1500 then we also offer free shipping and this is really appreciable for the people living far away. There is no need to bargain, as the prices are affordable for our valued customers. Parents don’t have to search around for the products, because whatever they require is available to them with the click of a button. Therefore, our customers are contended by the baby planet’s response and choose it over others.

If you are concerned about anything and feel the need for some kind of queries, all you need to do is to get the number from the website and find out what ever to want to know. Therefore, we offer a transparent service to the customers at all costs and satisfy the needs of the baby and as well as the parents. So don’t worry about anything, once you get to know them!