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Select a Fancy Bottle for kids at Baby Planet!


It’s always been stressing to shop baby products from the market. This involved time and resources along with hale and you may not get what you are searching for.  No worries, as this time try out a unique buying experience at Baby Planet.  We have everything that your baby needs, ranging from a simple baby bottle to stylish bottles. 

At our online store, you can find a huge range of bottles and other baby care products.  Browse through different styles and qualities, pick the right one that appeals you and let us deliver it at your home.  It’s our promise to deliver a super class product every time you contact us. We assure that your baby will definitely love the new bottle and new toys. 

While nourishing, babies loved to have stylish baby feeding bottles for milk. For little babies, such bottles are not less than pops and shoes. We make sure to retain the charm of babies and deliver these baby feeding bottles within 2 to 3 working days.

Baby planet keeps on adding products one after another, while promising never to compromise on quality. Our quality control department is always active, well aware of needs and demands of current customers, thus never allows any product delivery before proper inspection. 

For school going baby girls and baby boys, we have a special gift of School water bottles, featuring excellent qualities and classical designs.  In summer, you can fill these larger bottles with juices and drinking material, while these bottles retain the coldness of the stuff inside.  We always supply branded products and thus clients have a firm believe on us.

Our online system makes buying easy and you can experience of great buying. At baby planet, everything is arranged in order and your kids can go for a purchase of choice, just because of our simple buying process. So give us a chance to buy new bottles and then look at the smile on the faces of your little one. It might be the first successful buying experience of your life.

There little moments of happiness maker families connected and keep smiling.  Increases the level of confidence in your school going kids by giving them the best products of the time. 

We have glass and plastic bottles in fancy designs that you and your kids love. It’s really easy to purchase the bottle. Simply look and find, which bottle appeals you and select the one, while leaving rest of matters on us. We have other baby care items and toys.

We believe to charge fair prices just to engage and retain more clients. The company tries to fulfil every client demands and thus offering almost every baby care products.  So get ready to expertise be the charm of online shopping.  Flexible payment options are designed to bring more comfort for the customers.  Book your order now and we will definitely fulfil it within least possible time.

Buy Baby Bottle Cleaning & Sterilization Products

Hygiene is one of the basic but foremost important thing that need to be taken care in order to keep your baby healthy and fit. Since this pandemic has hit us or more accurately the whole world, it has made hygiene the key thing for anyone’s survival. The cleanliness is not only important for elders but also very important for kids. Babies are even more exposed to the germs. However modern day mothers are busier than ever they do not have time for those orthodox methods where they boil the utensils of babies and ultimately making plastic feeding bottles deteriorate over time. Now the world has so many new things that we can use that make our lives easier and get our job done with added health and safety standards.


Popular Sterilization Brand Products

On Baby Planet, we have huge variety of bottle cleaning, warming and sterilization products. Starting from the very basic nylon feeder brush for washing feeders, to more sophisticated forms of nylon brushes to long neck scrubbers, and motorized brushes. We have baby feeder washers as well and feeder cleaner liquids. We have the full variety cleaning for our customers to choose from. Based on your budget and / or specific needs, you can buy the product that suits you the most. Baby Planet has made sure to check quality of each product and keep products from high quality brands like Avent, Tommee Tippee, Chicco, Farlin, Pigeon and Nuk. The purpose is to have safe products only available to ensure healthy babies and ultimately have happy customers. This way you get what you want (quality product in reasonable price) and we get what we want (more business).


To make your buying decision easier we have put discounts as well on many of the bottle cleaning products. While sitting in the comfort of your home, you just have to browse and find the right product for you and we will do the rest.   


Buy Feeder Sterilizer Online in Pakistan at Best Prices

Feeder sterilizer undoubtedly is very important to clean and purify milk bottles. Baby feeder sterilizer kills germs and protect baby from infections caused by germs. Cleaning milk bottles with feeder sterilizer means keeping good care of your baby. So choose the best quality sterilizer for cleaning baby’s milk bottles and keep your baby healthy. Feeder sterilizer price in Pakistan is reasonable and starts from Rs 5000. Instead of wandering markets to find the best sterilizer for your baby, you should try purchasing feeder sterilizer online.

Popular Brand Baby Feeder Sterilization Products

Do you know you can buy feeder sterilizers online in Pakistan? At Baby Planet, we have a vast collection of baby feeder sterilizers, which are not only good in quality but also great in performance. We have Avent  as well as Tommee Tippee sterilizers. These sterilizers are durable, easy to clean, simple to store, and suitable for every milk bottle.  

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up! Place an order to buy a perfect feeder sterilizer from Baby Planet. We offer free delivery above purchase of Rs 1500. Grab your favorite sterilizer within no time from the comfort of your home.  And save yourself from the hassle of boiling feeder bottles in hot water.





















Buy Baby Teethers & Soothers (H2)

Did you ever have your baby cry so hard that you panicked and did not know what to do? We have all been there, right? Well, there is a reason they make these soothers and pacifiers. These baby pacifiers calm your baby down so quickly, you would think it is some sort of a magic. While your baby’s doctor (paediatrician) would continuously tell you that it is a health hazard it catches all these germs and those germs so conveniently go right in your babies mouth with these soothers and pacifiers. We parents still somehow manage to get passed that thought and use these pacifiers. On the other hand teethers are something that even doctors recommend to use when your baby is teething. For babies teething period is very annoying because when teeth are coming out they feel a lot of itchiness and possibly some pain too. Teethers are made up of soft food grade material, something that the baby chews on and feel comfortable.


Popular Baby Teethers & Soothers Brands (H3)

Baby pacifier online in Pakistan is available on baby planet. You will get the best baby teether price in Pakistan on our website. You may feel tempted to order your baby products from the same online store that you do your grocery from. However we at baby planet are the experts with all our focus on high quality and reasonably priced baby products only. We order these products after checking each brands quality and we order these in bulk. This way we get much better prices compared to others and we like to pass on the price benefit to you, our customers.


We have pacifiers of good brands like Pigeon, Avent, Farlin and many more high quality products. Where ever we get better price compared to previous lot, we put discounts on listed prices so you can spend less time on thinking and order with more convenience.