Breast Feeding

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Breast Feeding is the only source to provide milk nutrients to your baby


Meanwhile, breast feeding can be hard for new mothers. At Baby Planet, we consider that it is the type of nursing in which a mother has to feed their newborn babies just to accomplish the need for their baby.


A vast changing comes in the sector of baby breast feeding. We offer a lot of products that are helpful for the baby feeding.


Why is breastfeeding important?


With the help of breastfeeding, the chances of baby health are changing consistently. Focus on the profound effects towards your babies.


The following are some benefits of breast milk feeding:


  1. It supplies nutrients
  2. Protect from disease
  3. Easily digested
  4. For baby healthier weight
  5. Baby protects from different allergic


We know your baby value that is the main reason we are introducing the best baby feeding products, which are quite good from others feeding products. However, quality really matters, so consider this fact and choose only the Baby Planet for buying the best breast feeding products for your baby. Meanwhile, with the help of breast pads, your cloth is saved from milk leakage. So, avoid worrying if you had any issue regarding feeding and chose our feeding products


Baby Planet products:


Probably, it is a fact that every mother considers their baby’s health first and only mother knows the value of breastfeeding in baby’s life. Meanwhile, feeding is the only way to nourish your child and provide good health. However, at the time of feeding, you may face a lot of problems like begin weaning and difficult in pumping milk. To solve this issue, many products are available in the market but choose the best one is entirely applicable.


Baby Planet is selling the top breastfeeding product, which is helpful for mothers at the time of feeding.

The following are our some product:


➔     Disposable Breast Pads

➔     Manual Breast Pump   

➔     Breast Pads With Honeycomb

➔     Washable breast pads

➔     Silicone breast shields

➔     Nipple Shields

➔     Electric Breast Pumps

➔     Double electric breast pump

➔     Breast shells

➔     Supplemental Nursing System

➔     Nursing Pads Hygienic with Ultra Absorbent

➔     Manual Breast Pump PP Standard Neck


During few weeks, doctors only recommended the breastfeeding instead of other sources of feeding like powder milk or goat milk. With the help of our products, your baby grows energetic and healthier. In case, you don’t prefer the breast milk then your baby grow weaker. It is quite essential to use the following products to safe from difficulties.


We are selling the best baby breast feeding products, which are:


❖     Cost-effective

❖     Efficient

❖     Quality products

❖     Valuable

❖     Helpful for feeding


Babies are the perfect gift from GOD that is the main reason choosing the best feeding accessories for your newborn baby is quite essential. A warm welcome is always at its peak, so you need to shop the baby feeding accessories first. Consider our products first, when you shop the baby accessories.

Best Lactonic Granules for a Smooth Breastfeeding

Nothing in this world can be more peaceful than watching your newborn sleeping or happily breastfeeding. Breastfeeding can be very stressful if the mother is lacking milk. However, some things can make a mother’s life easy when it comes to feeding your child. For a smooth and happy feeding, you can buy Lactonic Granules. The Lactonic Granules price in Pakistan is affordable. We at Baby Planet have a wide range of breastfeeding equipment from different well-known companies that will make the mother's life easy.


Pigeon Breast Pump

The pigeon breast pump is the equipment for you if you want the milk to be stored for later use as well. This also helps in expanding the breast glands, which increase the milk flow. We all know how amazing pigeon products are due to which they are expensive. So, if you plan to buy a pigeon breast pump avail our discounted offer on all pigeon products.


Importance of Lactonic Granules 

Lactonic Granules is an important medication for breastfeeding. Lactonic Granules price in Pakistan varies from store to store. All doctors say mother’s milk is the healthiest drink for a baby’s growth and development. Whereas, mothers avoid breastfeeding due to pain so Baby Planet brings all the important equipment, which are required for smooth and comfortable breastfeeding. It not only helps the mother feed but it also helps the child to drink comfortably.


Other Products

Other brands for baby feeding products at Baby Planet include Chicco, Medela, Avent, and Nuk. We have breast pads, a breast pump, and a nipple shield. You might be thinking about which one to buy. All our products are of high quality and made up of good material. So make your choice with confidence because we trust in making our customers happy and satisfied. Our wide range of feeding products for kids and breastfeeding range for mothers is exceptional as we have products of well-known brands at the most affordable rates.