Canpol Babies Nipple Protectors Small Easystart 2 Pcs

Nipple protectors made of soft and delicate silicone allow for painless feeding. They perfectly protect sore and cracked nipples and accelerate wound healing. The upper, slightly narrower edge of the protector allows the baby to hug the mother's breast, smell her skin and feel warmth. Silicone has no smell or taste, therefore it does not affect the taste of food. A special case for sterilization helps to keep the protector clean. It enables quick, 2-minute disinfection in a microwave oven. In a 2-piece package.
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Instruction on how to sterilize nipple protectors in the sterilizer case:
NOTE! Failure to follow this instruction may result in burns or damage to the product and/or the microwave oven.
• Always check the water level in the sterilizer case before use.
• Two nipple protectors in the sterilizer case can be disinfected at one time.
• This product is not a toy. Use and store the product out of the reach of children.
USE 1. Before the first and each subsequent use, wash the sterilizer case in warm water with a mild detergent, rinse thoroughly.
2. Pour 25 ml of boiled water into the base.
IMPORTANT Adding too little water may damage the case. Adding too much water may result in inappropriate disinfection.
3. Put nipple protectors in the sterilizer case.
4. Put the lid on and close tightly.
5. Place the closed case in the microwave oven.
6. For 750-1000 W microwave ovens, the disinfection time is 2 minutes. Do not exceed the disinfection time.          

• The case must be placed on an even surface during disinfection,
• Always wait at least 5 minutes for the sterilizer case to cool down before removing it from the microwave. Be careful when removing and opening.
• Pour the remaining water from the sterilizer case through the dedicated hole, rinse and dry it.
• Take special care when removing disinfected items as they may be hot.
• Wait 15 minutes before next disinfection to allow the case to cool completely.

  • BPA freeBPA free
  • Sterilizer safeSterilizer safe
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