Canpol Babies Bottle Insulator Wide Soft Dots Pink

Light and durable insulator DOTS to hold the bottle with a hot or cold drink while walking or traveling. A special thermal insulation film applied inside the product slows down the cooling / heating of liquids. Fits all types of wide and narrow bottles. It has a practical, detachable strap for easy carrying.
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The product is available in several colors. Depending on the initial temperature of the food and weather conditions, it maintains the temperature for up to 2 hours. The product does not replace a thermos.
Do not wash. Clean surface with a sponge and a mild cleaning agent.

  • BPA freeBPA free
  • Do not washDo not wash
  • The bottle insulator is suitable for the storage of hot and cold liquids. The product does not replace thermos. Depending on the fluid's output temperature and weather conditions, it maintains a temperature of up to 2 hours, slowing down the process of cooling/heating.
    Keep the product clean. Avoid rough, surface-scratching tools during use and cleaning. In case of staining, clean the surface with a sponge with a mild detergent. Check the product before each use. Do not wash. In the case of the first signs of damage or wear - throw out. Warning! The product is not a toy. Keep it out of reach of the child.
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Brand Canpol Babies
Type Feeder Accessories
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