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                                                                   We supply stylish hand and Finger Spinners that your kid loves


Undoubtedly kids love toys and getting new ones are just their dreams come true. Well, the trendiest toy nowadays is fidget spinner and the craze to revolve spinner on hands is revolving around every children.  There are hundred designs available in spinner and Baby Planet comes with all of them

We are providing a range of spinners in online store and a wide range of choice in hand and finger spinners.  Now kids have more choices to select their spinner. It ranges from plastic body to metal one, lightning one to simple one and the final choice is yours. 

Some kids love the lighting spinner, as different colours of lights switched on when it rolls. There is a proper light system powered by a small battery. We make sure to offer such spinners that your kids love, because the only buying intentions are to make your child happy.

We have introduced a new concept off online buying, as baby planet is the biggest toy store of the planet that comes with other baby care products. Every child loved to have hand spinners on his/her hand and a race to spin with more velocity starts right after when two kids with spinners meet each other.  Well it's not the fight, but a way to enjoy. In such cute moments, we are adding our contribution by providing spinners toy. These pocket sized spinners are a handy toy, easy to carry. It’s just like a helicopter, when it revolves and then spun over since time.

Baby Planet intends to deliver theses spinners in excellent quality at your doorstep.  We have a range of colours and sizes. With our online purchase system, it's been a great experience for the kids to select spinner of their own choice.

Fidget spinners are the latest sort of excitement for all the school going kids. It’s just a spinning experience all the time, for teacher and for the parents who continuously watch kids spinning their favourite finger spinner.

So are you ready to view a large collection of fidgets? Just check it out at Baby Planet, ranging from red to black colour and in different designs that you haven’t imagined. Let your kid select the best spinner that attracts him and we will supply it to the exact location. There are a number of payment modes accepted like debit/credit, bank transfer, easy paisa and many more. We intend to capture more and more clients and want to make every kid happy. The excitement just starts, when they get spinner and we promise to deliver it within two working days. So, at this birthday buy a special spinner or your kid from baby planet and feel the boost in excitement, as your kids smile charms you. All products are available with price match guarantee. We promise you are going to pay right amount of money for the right quality product.

Surprise your kid with a beautiful hand spinner today!