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Pampers not only wrap your baby, but give a complete solution. You can attend parties and get together if your baby is pampered; otherwise the party is over for you, in case of any dropping. On daily routine, your baby is never going to explain feelings. You just have to judge it and take care about all the things.  Is your baby happy and comfortable with the pamper quality, sizes and fitting? Well, baby never speaks. They just shout and it’s your responsibility to capture their voice.

Here are some points that help you identify the quality of pamper:


The waist and legs should be fit and the baby feels maximum comfort. Baby Planet is delivering pampers diapers at the door step sop mothers feel zero stress and they focus on the care& growth of their baby. We supply branded products. The right size pamper is what comes with the right fitting. Make sure, selected pamper size is perfect and the baby feels comfortable. Once there is jumping and bumping, this is a sign of flexible pampers.

You will find many different deals on diapers. With our exciting pampers for sale offer, we target more mothers and try to give more babies with extra comfort and relaxation whole day and night. So either looking for pamper size 3 or small, medium or large even, we have all.  Use pampers in a right way and improves the daily activities of your child.

Lotion and cream

Before pampering, make sure a proper lotion is applied on the body. This will reduce rashes chances and even the baby will feel comfort all the time. The cream will also spread fragrance and a sweet smell from your baby will win hearts of the people.

Absorb wetness

Pampers absorb wetness and your baby will remain dry all the time. To make possible baby pampering for all, we are giving discounts and free shipping on all the products i. e baby care. Most of the times, a high quality pamper is synonymous with an expensive price, but at baby planet, it’s not true. You will find no product crossing the budget.

We deal in brands and entire store is filled with just branded products. You select and we will deliver. The team is capable and they know the importance of timely delivery. That is why, the responsive staff quickly executes the order, either small or big, making possible on time delivery of all baby care product. So accurate select the size of pamper and never forget to apply cream, as it avoids rashes. We have done what we can do for mothers. Now it’s your turn to join hand with us and increase the binding. Love to see you, you baby and your family happy. No worries, when baby planet is on the floor for assistance.

How Important are Pampers for New Born Babies?

Giving your child a comfortable environment is the most important concern and responsibility of any parent. Babies only do three things eat, sleep, and poop. Pamper protection holds the utmost importance when it comes to baby care. Before you choose diapers, make sure its absorbency is excellent. One of the most popular diapers, which are being used these days are pampers. It is best known for its soaking ability and prevention of rashes. Pampers’ price varies from packing to packing. The newborn price for diapers is higher than that of other diapers in the market.

Online shopping has made it very easy for its customers to buy all the important accessories of the newborn without any hassle to go out. At, you will find diapers by all the brands such as Pamper, Canbebe, and others. You can also find pampers of different colors and pampers size, ranging from little ones to baby bubbles. All these come in large and small packing, which makes it easy for the mothers to decide which packet they want to buy first. We also offer some very cool discounts on pampers of all brands. Diapers price in Pakistan varies from brand to brand. Besides, all these brands are doing great in the diaper industry.

Let us have a look at the few important things you should keep in mind before you buy pampers:

Size of the Pamper

Not only do Pampers wrap your kid, but also they offer a complete solution for your babies. Your child can never describe emotions regularly. All you have to do is judge it and take care of all that stuff. So make sure you choose the correct pampers size because only that can help your child feel happy.


The pamper should be a good absorbent because only then your child will be comfortable and joyful. Crying can only stop when he is not wet and uncomfortable. With our free shipping facility, you can save when shopping for pampers in Pakistan. Place your order now at Baby Planet and avail the most exciting discounts.